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Types of Channa Fish in the world

 When you are at home because of pagebluk, people start to have hobbies to fill their spare time such as raising animals such as fish.

At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, many people collected betta fish. This complaining fish trend has gone viral, maybe you are one of them.

Even the price of betta fish was high, especially if the fish has a good style and is rarely owned.

In addition, not a few people choose other fish such as channa fish. There are many choices for pet ornamental fish.

Channa fish is an ornamental fish that is still part of the cork fish family but has a fairly expensive price.

Well, for those of you who are less interested in betta fish, maybe this cork fish relative can be an option for you to keep.

However, before keeping, first identify the fish and approximately how much the price of this rising fish.

Types of Channa Fish in the world on youtube.

The name channa is the family name of the snakehead fish. Fish are often eaten by Indonesian people. The term channa also refers to the scientific name of the Channidae family.

Almost similar to betta fish, channa has properties that can attack the same sex that enters its territory.

For this reason, Channa fish are usually kept alone or there is only one fish in an aquarium.

Reported from various sources, Channa is a snakehead emperor alias snake head emperor. This is because the shape of the head of this fish resembles a snake.

Until now, it can be said that the channa fish has more than 50 species spread across Asia to Africa.

Very high species richness is found in Myanmar and India. In addition, this fish is spread from Iraq in the west to Indonesia and China in the east.

Well, for those of you who want to keep the Channa Maru fish, this fish is considered easier to maintain than other ornamental fish.

The reason is, Channa fish can live in water with minimal oxygen. So, you don't need to install an aerator or add oxygen in the aquarium.

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